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The Philip E. and Carole R. Ratcliffe Foundation operates as a charitable organization designed to cultivate and reward entrepreneurship, create jobs and expand economic opportunity. Based in Annapolis Maryland, the Ratcliffe Foundation provides funds to institutions to encourage entrepreneurship in non-traditional business fields such as skilled trades, arts & design, and aquaculture & environmental sciences. The Ratcliffe Foundation strives to integrate its programs with the local communities through mentorships and business involvement. 


No applications currently accepted

The Philip E. and Carole R. Ratcliffe Foundation is NOT accepting grant applications at this time.

What We Typically Fund

The Philip E. and Carole R. Ratcliffe Foundation provides grant funds to US based not-for-profit institutions to foster entrepreneurship, job creation, and economic growth.  Programs include industries ranging from the arts & aquaculture to the skilled trades.  Many of the institutions provide training and seed funds to support innovation and new venture creation.

What We Do Not Fund

The Philip E. and Carole R. Ratcliffe Foundation does not provide grant funding to individuals, For-profit businesses, political organization, K-12 education systems, and programs that do not align with our mission. We also do not fund any organization outside the United States.

Our Priorities

We only award grants to 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations in the US.

Our priorities include working with community colleges, universities, and other organizations that support entrepreneurship, innovation and job creation. Within these programs there is an emphasis on cultivating entrepreneurship and growing small businesses in a variety of industries including:

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Skilled Trades

Painting supplies

Arts & Design

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Aquaculture & Environmental Sciences

Types of programs we support:

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Centers for Excellence

Centers for Entrepreneurship

AACC Pitch Competition Presenter

Seed funds through competition